Delaware to Washington State round trip

Almost forgot to post stats for the last round trip Delaware to Washington State

Mayhem meets the Mouse

10/13/2019 – 10/18/2019
Day 1 350 MI Akron Ohio
Day 2 372 MI Gary Indiana
Day 3 500 MI Gretna, Nebraska
Day 4 480 MI Cheyenne, Wyoming
Day 5 612 MI Twin Falls, Idaho
Day 6 568 MI Vancouver, Washington

2,880 Miles

10/28/2019 – 11/8/2019
Day 1 149 MI Vancouver, Washington
Day 2 429 MI Mcdermitt, Nevada
Day 3 454 MI Death Valley, Nevada
Day 4 502 MI Mesa, Arizona
Day 5 165 MI Winslow, Arizona
Day 6 255 MI Albuquerque, New Mexico
Day 7 415 MI Sayre, Oklahoma
Day 8 396 MI Russellville, Arkansas
Day 9 403 MI Fairview, Tennessee
Day 10 802 MI HOME

4,070 Miles

How to Replace the RV Kiwi Step Motor

When I was on the last road trip, my steps on my RV started making a loud ratcheting sound. The steps would extend but not retract.

After doing some research I ordered a new motor on Amazon

It literally took me longer to get my tools together than it did to do the following:

  • Extend the steps (the “in use” position)
  • unplug cable from motor Remove 3 bolts (10mm socket)
  • Lower motor and remove the gear and washer from bad motor.
  • Install the gear and washer from bad motor onto new motor.
  • Raise and align the 3 bolt holes and install 3 bolts (10mm socket)
  • Plugin power cable.
  • Test

If you need step by step instructions Tito has done a great job documenting the process.

Arizona / New Mexico

Yesterday I finished driving through Arizona and entered New Mexico traveling Interstate 40 East.

Probably the smoothest road I have driven on this entire trip. I averaged 6.8 miles per gallon Towing my Jeep Wrangler behind the RV.

The first stop today will be in Amarillo, Texas to refill and stretch Mayhem’s legs.