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Football and Mt. Hood

Today we went to watch Glen and Daphne’s son Xander play football.
This kid does it all, runs the ball, tackles hard, and punts the football.

At one point in the game he had a “shoe string” tackle and actually ended up with the kids shoe in his hand after the tackle.  You would have thought he scored a touch down as he held the shoe over his head and should have been called for “excessive celebrating”.  Needless to say the crowd was going wild about the hit he put on the opposing player.

After the game we had a chance to hang out with Glens mother Ann, Sister Karen and brother in-law Steve.  Steve wanted to meet Kane and see if her could tame the beast.  I’ve always said if you show Kane no fear you’ll be Ok.  Steve took the leash and had Kane warming up to him in no time.  This was the first time a stranger has made Kane warm in cuddly.

Unfortunately my wife Candace had to catch a flight at 7:15PM to head back home and work for the next two weeks.  She will be flying back to Washington to spend a couple days sight seeing and then journey home with me in the RV.
I wish she could be here right now.  There’s so much to see and she hardly had time to breath the fresh air before she had to go home.

After the football game we tried to squeeze in a little sight seeing before I had to drop her off at the airport.  First I took Candace to Burgerville where we had the best burgers in the world.  We got a couple good candid shots of Mt. Hood in the background before I had to drop her off.  Needless to say I cried like a baby after leaving the airport because I will be so lonely while I’m here.  (This was written in case her boss is reading this).

My oldest friend in Washington State Kim Blevins-Turpin was gracious enough to let me park the RV outside her house with all the utilities for the rest of the month.
I grew up across the street from Kim and her brother Bruce and have known them both since I was one years old.
Staying here is just a small part of the perk.  She has 2 acres of fenced yard so the dogs can run and go crazy.  They must feel they are the ones on vacation at a doggy dude ranch.  Needless to say they run hard and sleep even harder.

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  1. What a bummer that Candance had to go home for a bit. I sure hope that you sent her home with some of the spread from Burgerville! 🙂 It sounds like you guys are having a great time and a priceless experience! I’m happy for you. Love reading the posts!


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