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11/19/10 Beer Hunt

Started the day running the dogs in the 2 acre field.  Later on my mom came over for a visit to shoot the breeze.

I started to get a little cabin fever last night so I ventured out to the big city of Vancouver, WA.  There’s a few new stores and intersections but everything is pretty much the same as I remember it.

I made a stop into Hazel Dell Brew Pub to check out the local selection of Micro Brew.  All I can say is place had was one tiny 20 inch television with bad reception positioned so if you weren’t right in front of it you couldn’t see the game.
The bar wench tried to give me pint with a 2 inch head on it.  I laughed and said “you call that a full glass, knock the head off of that and fill it to the rim”.  She gave me a snarl and went back to start over.  I had one of their Ales and sadly the beer was much like the service.  The beer had a horrible after taste like a goat just burped in my face.
I pulled out my trusty Droid X with my “Beer Mapper” application and did a search for more local brew pubs.  My eyes lit up when I saw there was a McMinnamins Micro Brew Pub on the water front.,

McMinnamins was a little more upscale than Hazel Dell Brew Pub with a much larger selection of beer.
I started with the “Terminator Stout” and then moved on to their “Porter”.  Both beers were Excellent!

After that I called it a night but had one more stop…..Burgerville!

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