Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hershey RV Show

This last weekend was one of the largest RV – 5th Wheel shows in the United states held at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.
I went there thinking about my 5 – 10 year plan on investing into an RV big enough to live out of.
Originally I was all about thr RV and didn’t even consider a 5th Wheel. Now I have more to think about after seeing the quality of the 5th wheels and very affordable prices.
I was also looking at towing options for my 1999 Jeep Wrangler. I would like be able to install a tow bar on the front of the Jeep. There were so many options available, mostly very expensive.
After meeting a gentleman at the campground I found there is a safe low cost alternative using a tow bar by hidden hitch that should run no more than 500.00-600.00 to have installed. This was a much better price of $1,300.00 I was quoted at the show.
Stay tuned on results of what I find. I will share as much information as I can find so other people won’t have to go through the headache I’ve endured trying to gain information on such simple subject.

Stoney Fork Creek Campground

Camping at Stoney Fork Creek Campground for Labor Day weekend.
It’s a little crowded but the friends with us make it a good time.

I would recommend this campground for people that don’t mind crowds and seasonal campers.

They do have a game room for kids and they had a reptile show they weekend we stayed.  They have a good size pond for people that want to kayak, boat or paddle boat but nothing really spectacular.  Hook ups are only for electric and water.  Their sewer pump station is inconveniently located at the opposite end of the campground.

Our friends Coupe and Wendi have an RV this year so it’s been a blast traveling and getting them into the life style.