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Mayhem gets a library card

The other night we had a house showing so like usual I loaded up the dogs in the RV and left the house.

Tuesday night has always been the night that we meet our friends at Stewart’s brewing company for half price burgers so I thought what the heck.

I parked the RV on the edge of an open field so I could let the dogs stretch their legs before I left them alone for a while.  “BIG MISTAKE”

I had them all on leashes but I got a little extra tug from Mayhem and Lucy and I had no choice than to let go.  After that, the chase was on.  Lucy in the lead and Mayhem following,
Needless to say they went about a hundred yards across the field and Mayhem figured out the sliding doors to the Bear Library.  By the time I caught up some nice lady retrieved Lucy and a man came out of the Library asking if “This” belonged to me.  I said yes and we went on our way.


As mad as I wanted to be at them I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Mayhem made it all the way into the Bear Library.


This wasn’t a long trip but it was eventful.

The weekend in Shenandoah

We departed for Shenandoah on Friday October 7,2011 at 12pm hoping to arrive around 5pm so we could get set up while it was still light out.

Needless to say all did not go as planned.  Major traffic and the sad part it was mostly rubber neckers checking out someones misfortune on the road.
We ended up arriving at our camping spot around 7pm totally beat.  All was good because when we are in the RV it’s all about the journey to our destination.  We saw some amazing country and some very primitive roads after we got off the interstate.

October 8, 2011 Candace and decided to venture out on Skyline Drive to Waynesboro, VA where they were hosting a very large arts and craft show which was accompanied by the River City Wine and Jazz Festival.  They had a beer garden which we did not partake in since we had the RV and I was going to be maneuvering Skyline Drive afterward.
Our Main focus was the art and crafts exhibits which spanned 4-5 blocks and then some side streets.
One of the booths that really caught our eye was Kristen’s Hand Crafted Pottery.

Apparently at one time in her life she was a zoo keeper and managed to get molds of all kind of exotic animals and work them into her pottery.

The rest of the day was a lot of stained glass, wood bowls, pottery and jewelry.

It was a great little community that hosted the River City Wine and Jazz Festival where they had beer and wines from all over the area that you could sample for a small fee of $15.00 per person.

After departing from the festival we wanted to enjoy a nice ride on Skyline Drive.  The foliage was changing color and we managed to get a couple great shots showing all the colors.

The next day October 9, 2011 we decided to take our friends Coupe and Wendi to the show and cruise Skyline drive with them.

It was a pretty good trip.  When they said primitive camping I didn’t expect paved roads and at the very least paved pull in for the RV.  It was a little different than my camping days in Washington State.

On a side note the dogs were a big hit in the campground.  We had to keep Kane in while children came to pet the other dogs.  As we pulled away all the little kids said “Goodbye Kane”.  That was funny

That park Ranger saw Kane and told us he was bigger than most of their Black Bear in the area.  His eyes told the story as he looked inside the RV.  I think he had to change his underwear.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get out to some of the local spots in the area before they close up for the winter.