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Day one, wer’e off.

So this day has finally arrived. Since we went to dinner last night with friends to watch the Phighten Phils take game 2 from the Reds, we really didn’t have the chance to pack. I got up early this morning and starting filling up “my side” of the RV, with my clothes. Because I’m a girl, I get the side with 2 drawers and the bigger closet. Bag Dog growled about that, but hey, I’m a girl……I Need more stuff.

After a packing up the RV, with Hollywood and Lori’s help, we headed out. As the crew piled into the RV, the Beast took prime position on the twin bed. No one argued since he out weighs all of us. The Psycho and Little Squirt have beds on the floor under the twin.

The leaves on the trees are amazing colors. The roads have been good, except for the Amish buggys in Lancaster, we have had smooth sailing.

I actually drove for a while today. White knuckles and 110 miles later, Bad Dog once again took the wheel. I can truly say that tunnels in an RV suck!

It’s currently 11:45 pm and we are in Columbus, Ohio. Time to call it a night……….. None of the crew escaped, the Beast hasn’t chased anyone yet……well anyone we didn’t want him to chase.

Goodnight all.

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  1. Your Dad loved those tunnels too, Can, and was so glad you got to experience them!
    So, trying to follow your route, our guess is you’ll stop in the Quad Cities of IOWA tonight…is that the plan? Glad you are underway, and enjoying the country. We are living vicariously through you.

  2. and by friends at dinner.. you forgot about MEEEEEEEE.

    also, i tracked you on my phone for a little while last night… it was weird watching it change from ohio to iowa… what does iowa even look like? i expect updates on sweet diner food you eat. i expect everything out there tastes better…

    on another note.. I am going to the house tonight after work and will probably stay overnight bc my classes were canceled tomorrow. can’t wait to binge eat whatever is in the freezer… muwahahaha.

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