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Good morning Spray Beach

Last night we pulled into Spray Beach at around 10 pm. We took the dogs for a walk to let them stretch their legs. As true to her nature, the psycho broke free and terrorized the parking lot. I was the crazy lady chasing her crazy barking dog in the dark.

After settling in for the night, things went pretty smoothly. The one thing that we figured out quickly is that one of us can’t walk all Three dogs at the same time. This morning at 6:30 Bad Dog and I took the dogs out? Again, the psycho broke loose and headed for the sand dunes. After rounding her up, we tried to go back to sleep. The Beast picked that moment to want to go out again and it’s really stupid to say no to a 150 lbs mastiff when he wants to go out, if you know what I mean. I walked the Beast to the beach only to find out that he hates the sand, and the seagulls, and anything that is not solid ground. In fact, half way through the walk he decided that we were done walking and he just stopped walking and sat down on the sidewalk. Since I’m not strong enough to drag his mastiff ass down the street, we turned and headed back to the RV. As I opened the door, the Psycho bounded out again and headed for the dunes. As much as the Beast hated the sand, the Psycho LOVES the sand, and the seagulls and the water!

I think our first stop of the day is hunting down a toothbrush that I forgot to buy last night. Getting breakfast is next, and then we will hunt down the fishing crew that we came to visit!

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  1. I laughed out loud reading this. I am in Columbia, Maryland at the virgin mobile free fest.. we have seen jimmy eat world, a bunch of bands no one has ever heard of, and lookingforward to ludacris, MIA, pavement and lcd soundsystem later. Hope you guys are having fun! And happy birthday tomorrow Kent!

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