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Hershey RV Show

This last weekend was one of the largest RV – 5th Wheel shows in the United states held at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.
I went there thinking about my 5 – 10 year plan on investing into an RV big enough to live out of.
Originally I was all about thr RV and didn’t even consider a 5th Wheel. Now I have more to think about after seeing the quality of the 5th wheels and very affordable prices.
I was also looking at towing options for my 1999 Jeep Wrangler. I would like be able to install a tow bar on the front of the Jeep. There were so many options available, mostly very expensive.
After meeting a gentleman at the campground I found there is a safe low cost alternative using a tow bar by hidden hitch that should run no more than 500.00-600.00 to have installed. This was a much better price of $1,300.00 I was quoted at the show.
Stay tuned on results of what I find. I will share as much information as I can find so other people won’t have to go through the headache I’ve endured trying to gain information on such simple subject.

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  1. Kent…..check out the good Sam website we talked about. Lots of forums on towing.
    I love living space of 5th wheels but the trade off Is security – having to get into another vehicle if sudden move is required; hooking up; and the biggies..having to stop and pull over for someone to go potty or fix a sandwhich or coffee….and being limited to carrying only the amount of people/critters the towing vechicle can carry. Pulling over when you are 63′ long much harder than 30.

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