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Highway 14 West to the Bridge of the Gods

Nice sunny day so I decided to head to Highway 14 westbound.

The first stop was  down on the waterfront in Vancouver at one of the small parks where you can walk down to the water.
The sun was glistening off the Columbia River and the clouds where like full white cotton balls in the sky.
I stayed there for a while just because I use to spend a lot of time down there riding bikes, running, rollerblading and dining at the restaurants along the rivers edge.
I would also say it was a place where I illegally drank beer as a minor with friends but that would be self incrimination so I won’t mention that.

After the walk down lost memory lane I headed West on Highway 14.
I made the usual tourist stops along Highway 14 that had scenic pull off areas. Cape Horn, North Bonneville Damn, Beacon Rock and The Bridge of the Gods.
I also took some more photos of Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens since it was much nicer than the day before.

Hopefully the photos I took today capture just how breath taking the Northwest can be on a sunny day.

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