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Mayhem gets a library card

The other night we had a house showing so like usual I loaded up the dogs in the RV and left the house.

Tuesday night has always been the night that we meet our friends at Stewart’s brewing company for half price burgers so I thought what the heck.

I parked the RV on the edge of an open field so I could let the dogs stretch their legs before I left them alone for a while.  “BIG MISTAKE”

I had them all on leashes but I got a little extra tug from Mayhem and Lucy and I had no choice than to let go.  After that, the chase was on.  Lucy in the lead and Mayhem following,
Needless to say they went about a hundred yards across the field and Mayhem figured out the sliding doors to the Bear Library.  By the time I caught up some nice lady retrieved Lucy and a man came out of the Library asking if “This” belonged to me.  I said yes and we went on our way.


As mad as I wanted to be at them I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Mayhem made it all the way into the Bear Library.


This wasn’t a long trip but it was eventful.

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