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Weekend RV repairs and old friends

This weekend was spent doing minor repairs to the RV and meeting with old friends.

You’re probably asking yourself “it’s a new RV, why does it need repairs”?

Repair #1

Around mid day of Monday 10/11/10 the airbag indicator light came on.  Usually this means the person in the passenger seat is not wearing a seat belt while sitting in the seat.

I asked Candace if she was buckled in and she confirmed she was.  Next, I started to look around to take inventory of our dogs.  Kane check, Lucy check, Sookie MIA.

I asked Candace if she knew where her dog was?  She replied that she was last seen under her feet.  Candace reached down and grabbed Sookie from under the seat.  I called the RV dealer to ask about the sensor and if they knew of any sensors going bad and they said no.

Our next stop I looked under the passenger seat and this is what I found.Chewed air bag wire
Apparently leaving a 5 month old puppy untended in an RV is a bad thing.
Sookie had chewed through one of the wires and almost got through the other one before she was busted.
Friday was the repair day.  Luckily there was enough slack in the wire and Sookie left me enough non-chewed wire so it was a simple fix.

Repair #2

A couple more days into the trip I noticed Candace was doing something with her Garmin charger cord.  There was a little frustration plugging into the 12 volt outlet but she managed to make connection and start charging the Garmin.  A little later that day when Candace went to unplug the power cord I heard a few words that you probably wouldn’t find in the dictionary.  She explained there was part of her power cord adapter missing and it was wedged in the 12 volt outlet.  I told her I would get my tools out and try to remove the part at our next stop.
Candace got up, went to the back of the RV and sat back down.  I asked “what do have”?  She replied “Girl Tools”!  She had a pair of metal tweezers she was about to stick into the 12 volt outlet.  I asked her if she ever played that game “Operation” when the little red light on the nose would light up and it would buzz when you hit the metal edge.  She said it was a plastic part that was stuck and she could get it.  I chuckled and then next thing I heard was “Holy Shit” as she received a jolt she will remember for a very long time.
Needless to say there wasn’t a second attempt.

When we arrived in Vancouver I called the local Ford dealership to see if they had the part in stock?  When I went in to pick it up the parts guy asked how this happened and told him the whole story.  After he and the technician that was standing up front stopped laughing he gave me a fist bump and sent me on my way.

Repair #3

I forget what I was doing but I left the RV to go outside for a couple minutes.  The dogs were sleeping so I didn’t think anything of leaving them loose for a few minutes when I went outside.
When I came back into the RV I found Lucy chewing on my laptop power cord.
Power cords are not the easiest thing to fix but I was able to splice some wires and with a little moving around to find the sweet spot in the connection I was back in business.

Old Friends

Saturday night I went out to a mini reunion with old classmates I haven’t seen in years.
I’m not sure of the exact number of people that showed up because people were coming and going but I would suspect it was 20-30 people.
I have to say this night was the highlight of my time spent in Vancouver.  After re-connecting with friends I don’t think this next week is going to be boring by any means.
Candace is coming back to Vancouver Friday night so we’re going to try and get together again so everyone can meet my wife.

Bottom line…………This was a great weekend!

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