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South Dakoto – Wyoming

We spent a lot of our time in Hill City today.  Last night the owner of the Chute Rooster let us park our RV in his parking lot after finding out all the RV parks were closed for the season.

We had breakfast at the Hill City Cafe where I found a guy “Mike” that remembered my grandfather as the Sheriff of the town back in the 60’s and 70’s.
It was great to talk to him and have him share a lot stories he had about my Grandfather as the Sheriff of the town when he owned the local bar.

After having breakfast at the Hill City Cafe we roamed around town and chatted with the locals.  Very nice people, just like I remembered it from being a young boy going to visit my Grand Parents in the summer.

We visited all the shops along Main Street Hill City  After that we walked around Main Street to see what has changed and  went to see the 1880 train for some candid shots.  When we were done we stopped in Custer SD to take some photos of the Flintstones park were I remember sneaking in jumping the fence with my cusin to avoid admission cost.

We got some great photos of deer along the highway and headed to Devils Tower in Wyoming to take more photos.

We are currently about 4o miles into Montana and plan to spend most of the day driving through Montana tomorrow.  It’s a little over 5oo miles to make it into Idaho and then it’s a nice drive to Washington State from there.

I didn’t post any photos from today because our internet connection is iffy at best.  Stay tuned for the photos on the website tomorrow sometime.

We could have stayed all week in Hill City and surrounding areas for a week or more but we had to stay on schedule as we are already a day behind our travels.  We plan to go back some time and hit everything during a longer stay.

Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse was amazing to see since it’s changed so much since I was a child on summer break.

I took a lot of photos of deer along the way and many photos of Devils Tower in Wyoming.

I hope everyone is enjoying the photos page as much as I am posting them.

Take care, there’s more to come.

Bad Dog (A.K.A. Kent)

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    1. They things we are seeing brings back a lot of childhood memories for me, Your mom is just plain amazed. I keep having to pick her jaw off the ground.
      I’m trying to take as many photos as I can so everyone can get a good view of where we’ve been.
      My back was killing me today so your mom did 95% of the driving while I laid in bed medicated.

  1. Amazing to think that we had similar pictures we shared at grandparents day when Taylor was in kindergarden…where have the years gone? Are you still planning to see old faithfull

    1. We decided to bypass Old Faithful since we are falling behind schedule.
      My back was killing me today so Candace did the majority of the driving as I laid medicated in the back on the bed.

  2. is it just me, or is anyone else in this family bothered by the fact that LUCY is getting to see all these really cool national monuments aka things I have ALWAYS wanted to see… and I’m sitting in class. What a brat. Oh, and Sookie is too little to appreciate it. At least I can take solace in the fact that Kaner will get something out of it.

    I’m heading over to the house in approx 20 minutes when I get out of class. Last night at work they asked me to come in and pick up a shift TONIGHT because there are 2 sixty person parties coming in and they didn’t have enough ppl to work them. I am currently exhausted.. but hey, who am I to turn down an opportunity to make a month’s rent in a few hours…

    also, it is pouring rain here. wonderful, ugh.

    1. Jenna,
      I’m sorry to say the dogs are loving the trip. Lucy is insane wanting to look out the windows and see what’s going on. Sookie is a sleep most of the time curled up with Kane.
      We’ve been putting them in a cage in closer at rest stops so Lucy and Sookie can terrorize each other and wear them selves down.
      It’s been a great trip with amazing scenery. You mom is seeing things she’s never seen, actual mountains, wild animals, nice that will stop in the middle of the street just to shoot the shit etc.
      Although at the rest stops it amazes me how many people want to approach Kane even though he’s barking and drooling all over the place as they approach and I warn them he is not friendly to strangers. I guess they want to tell their friends they escaped within a inch of their lives when a mastiff attacked them? Some people are just plain stupid.
      We plan on hitting the hills again sometime. Maybe we can do a family trip in a couple years when everyone is settled.

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