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Savannah, Georgia 1/8/2018

So far my co-pilots are not pulling there weight.
They have found out they can walk on the dashboard of an A Class RV.

The deal is done

Captain’s log, the purchase of Bad Dog 2.0 is finalized.
Now the real adventures begin!

South Dakota or bust

Today I started the voyage back to South Dakota. So far it’s been a travel day from hell.
If I was smart I wouldn’t be traveling the next 5 days. Forecast calls for rain and snow over the next five days in areas I will be traveling through.I forgot how bad it sucks driving on dark roads while its raining at night.
Thankfully I have my copilots Kane and Mayhem to keep me company.  Luckily for the last two and a half hours there has Been no rain so Kane and Mayhem got to experience a little off leash time when we stoppled for the night in Ravenna, Ohio.

If it’s going to continue raining all day and night I may have to purchase some driving lights for better night vision on the road.

I thought of new vinyl for the back of the RV. Breaking Bad Dog” I still have to get www.baddogoadtrip.com for the back of the RV.

I took Kane and Mayhem for a walk around a service Plaza in Ohio.  Someone was walking to their car and happened to look up.Kane and Mayhem we’re both looking at him. His response was “Holy shit that’s a big dog. Neither Kane or Mayhem barked at him.  He said they were very nice and well behaved.  It was all I could do not to laugh.