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The Guard Dog

Good morning Long Beach Island!

At the insistence of the Psycho, I was reminded that the Little Squirt and the Psycho wanted to go for a walk as the sun was coming up on Long Beach Island. In reality it was more like Bad Dog growling “You’re dog wants to go out”, that helped to inspire the moment. I got up in the dark and couldn’t find my glasses, hence I couldn’t see a whole lot. I was only going across the street to the grassy area that has become the crew’s potty stop, so I figured no big deal, I don’t need to see anything important.

With leashes on, I maneuver to the door with Little Squirt in my arms and the Psycho on the steps. As I inched open the door, the Psycho bolted out onto the sidewalk as the entire 30 feet of cord spun out of the reel. As I regained my footing and turned around to close the door, still with Little Squirt in my arms, the Beast hip checks me and leaps onto the pavement just as this elderly LBI (Long Beach Island) beach walker is coming off the sand dune.

I threw Little Squirt back in the RV and ran across the street after the Beast as he was bounding down on LBI Lady with his teeth out, hair up and his battle roar bark on full volume. It doesn’t make it less scary that The Beast drools so he had two big goobers swinging off his face. Did I mention that the sun wasn’t up and that it was dark?  Luckily LBI Lady held her ground and didn’t run, which brought the Beast to a skidding halt, but he continued to bark and jump at her. I’m amazed that she didn’t wet her pants. I would have!

I ran after the Beast, dragging the Psycho behind, I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back to the RV, all the while apologizing profusely to the Brave LBI Lady. When I got back to the RV, Bad Dog had been awakened by the commotion. He was not pleased.  He took the Beast inside and I picked up Little Squirt and the Psycho and tried to do this walk thing again.

As I came out the door of the RV, Brave LBI Lady was walking back to the RV. Again, I started to apologize for the Beast’s outburst.

Me: I’m so sorry that the Beast tried to eat you!
Brave LBI Lady: don’t worry about it, everyone needs a guard dog.
Me: no seriously, I’m really, really, really, sorry!
Brave LBI Lady: I really like your RV, what kind is it?

Me: A Four-Winds…………….. Wait, what?

Now that I think about it, I think that Brave LBI Lady was a homeless LBI Lady, thinking about how close she had just come to owning a new RV.

I think we need to leave soon before the LBI Police come knocking on the door wanting to interview the Beast.

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