Travel 2011

This year so far we have been to Killens Pond in Delaware twice, Muddy Run in Holtwood, PA. Big Timber Lake in New Jersey (Don’t bother unless you like a mass of humanity and rude people) and Stoney Fork Creek Campground located in Wellsboro, PA.  There’s lots to see in Wellsboro and surrounding areas.  Biggest attraction is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Next trip will be the RV Show in Hershey, PA the week of 9/15/11 – 9/18/11.  Plan to check out all the options we can get for the RV and towing equipment to bring a vehicle with us when camping.

October it’s off to Shenandoah, VA for some R&R.  Would still like to try out Trap Pond in Delaware but not sure if we’re going to make it this year.

Our friends Coupe and Wendi have an RV this year so it’s been a blast traveling and getting them into the life style.

Seriously thinking 2012 will be the year for upgrades to our existing RV and much longer trips.

This year Candace, Taylor and Braden have learned to start a fire using only flint, leaves and pine needles around the campsite to build a fire.  Nothing better than to say “I built a fire using only flint and what nature provided”.  Take me back to my early camping days.