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Visit to the old house

This afternoon I decided to venture out and take drive down memory lane.

I found myself driving through the old neighborhood.  I guess I expected everything to be the same as I left it.  I always kept my parents yard well manicured.  The bushes were 5 ft high and about 4 ft wide running along the edge of the side road.
The evergreen trees weren’t hanging near the house, the branches and needles were raked up and thrown away.
There use to be bushes and flowers out front and another hedge along the side of the house.  It use to look like a home.

Reality hit me today when I drove past the house that I grew up in.  The outside was run down, the trees and bushes were grown out of control and in general it looked like a dump.

This was not the house I grew up in.  The neighborhood looked the same but not our house.  It saddened me to see a nice neighborhood and the house that I grew up in look so uncared for and such an embarrassment to the rest of the neighborhood.

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