Grand Canyon

We started the day leaving the Flintstones Campground then it was on the way to the Grand Canyon.

The photos do not even come close to seeing it in person.  I tried to capture as much as I could for everyone to see.
Candace and I spent the whole day traveling the South and East rim of the Grand Canyon.

A few photos in this collection are of some idiots that decided to climb out to an outward peak.  People on the rail were taking bets which one of them would fall to the bottom of the canyon.  One lady was doing the “Oooohhhhhh, Ooooooohhhh, I can’t watch!  Nobody knew the people out on the rock.  They just wanted a show.  Tourists, you gotta love them.  They were on the missing their favorite reality TV shows so they created their own, “Splat on the Grand Canyon”.