Washington Day 1

Today we started out at an RV park in Orchards.  This morning was all about doing laundry and rest after a long journey.

Our friends Glen and Daphne Morrison’s daughter Samantha was playing soccer in the afternoon so we met up with them at the soccer field and I took some photos of the game.

It turned out that I had a couple old classmates (Corina, Dave and Maureen) that had kids playing in the same game so it was great to catch up with everyone.

After going to the game we went over to hang out with Glen and Daphne and have some dinner.
We ended up parking the RV outside their house and spent the night since we were going to their sons Pop Warner Football game the following morning.

Here are some photos from today.  Samantha is number 53 starting at Goalie and then moving to right forward.